President Welcome

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology (AECVP). The mission of our Association is to promote excellence in all aspects of our specialty, from diagnostic pathology to education, clinical research and basic science and to bring together all colleagues actively involved in these different fields of cardiovascular pathology worldwide.
I take up the baton from Katarzyna Michaud who covered the position of President of the AECVP during the difficult years of COVID-19 pandemia. The Association is now stronger than ever and, after the challenging period of virtual and hybrid meetings, we are eventually back to normal life. My presidency in fact started in the occasion of the 10th Biennial meeting of the AECVP (Padua, I September 21-23, 2023), nearly 20 years after the first biennial held in Praglia, Padova in 2004. This event, with four symposia and three keynote lectures, was a great success due to the extraordinary participation of nearly 200 researchers all around the word. The meeting was highlighted by the 2023 Michael Davies Distinguished Achievement Awardee, Professor Lina Badimon, with a lecture entitled “A journey in atherosclerotic plaque: from bench to bedside”.

Cristina Basso, President of AECVP
University of Padua, Italy

The AECVP biennial meetings represented along the years the ideal platform to encourage ongoing and future projects and collaborations, to update knowledge and inform about future developments in the field. We are already looking forward to the next biennial meeting planned on October 15-17, 2025 in London, UK.
Collaborative projects and position papers on various topics of interest in the field of cardiovascular pathology represent another important educational mission of the AECVP. Information regarding the AECVP, meeting announcements, ongoing projects, and any other news of interest will be posted.
All interested colleagues are cordially invited to join the Association in order to extend and strengthen the network of cardiovascular pathology and to bring new blood and the best ideas to the AECVP.