President Welcome

Welcome to the website of the Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology (AECVP).

The AECVP brings together the pathologists, cardiovascular pathologists, forensic pathologists, cardiologists, geneticists, other physicians and basic scientists who have a common interest in the pathology of the heart and vessels.

Our mission is to promote excellence in all aspects of our specialty: from diagnostic pathology to education, clinical research and basic science in the different fields of cardiovascular pathology.

Although we are a European society, our nearly 200 members come from five continents. Members of AECVP work on guidelines and consensus position papers dealing with the recognized problem areas in diagnostic cardiovascular pathology, and most often they are joint ventures with our American companion society in cardiac pathology, the society for cardiovascular pathology (SCVP). You can find these documents published on the website.

The biennial congresses of AECVP, which are hosted by members, are always organized at attractive locations like Padua, Aarhus, London, Lisbon, Cadiz, Paris, Cologne and Lausanne. The next meeting will be held at the historic and worldwide known university city of Cambridge in September 2020.

You are cordially invited to join the AECVP !!

Joaquín S. Lucena
President of AECVP
Forensic Pathology Service
Seville (Spain)